The Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego holds Virtual Induction of New Members

The Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego (ECASD) has held a virtual induction of new members for this year. To ensure the safety of all its officers and members, they decided to just hold a virtual induction to formally welcome the new electrician contractors and licensed independent electricians that decided to join their organization.

The ECASD is a non-profit organization of licensed electrician contractors and independent licensed electricians working in San Diego County. It aims to provide a unified voice among electrical professionals in San Diego and at the same time promote its best interests.

Electrician Advocacy in San Diego

Apart from providing a united front for all licensed electrical professionals in San Diego, the ECASD also has several advocacies that it promotes. For one, it aims for excellence through continuous education and training among its members. Likewise, the ECASD also advocates for electrical safety, and so, consumer education forms a significant part of its annual advocacy programs. https://www.rapidelectricsd.com/

This year, the Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego welcomes 15 new members. "Well, we are surprised we still received more than 10 applications at the height of a Pandemic, but we did. We are used to inducting at least 25 yearly, but we have really low expectations this year. As soon as we opened the applications for new memberships, the Pandemic was declared. We are surprised we still got more than 40," shares Brad Harper, President of the Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego.

Electricians Unite in San Diego

Most of the 15 inductees this year are electrician contractors that have been serving the San Diego community for more than 10 years. One of the requirements of ECASD for membership is a profound experience in servicing commercial or residential properties.

"I guess during these uncertain times, contractors and independent electricians believe they will benefit from being part of a prestigious organization like ours. For instance, ECASD is known for having strict membership policies. Legitimacy, reputation, and technical excellence are the prime requirement for becoming an ECASD member," Harper explains.

Current efforts of local San Diego electrician contractors' group

The ECASD is currently working towards implementing safe electrician service amid the Coro0navirus Pandemic. The organization has crafted group-wide safety protocols that form part of each ECASD contractor's basic health protocols to protect himself and the clients from the dreaded Corona Virus Disease.

Gene Schumann is one of the newly-inducted members of the ECASD. He said efforts like those mentioned above are one of the reasons he wants to be part of a professional organization, that aims to promote excellence. "I am certainly proud to be part of this group, and will continue to contribute the best way I can," Schumann says.

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